When buying a camera, the choice is between a new camera and a refurbished one. Prices on each side of the coin matter when it’s time to make the decision. If you cannot go for a brand new camera, shift to refurbished. When we talk of the Canon 80D refurbished or any other camera, there should be no confusion with the old, worn out and disintegrating camera.

Canon 80D Refurbished

A Canon 80D refurbished or any other means that the camera got slight damage either during transit or after delivery. Once returned to the maker, the camera is inspected and repaired.

When buying a Canon 80D camera refurbished, consider the following.

Product Details

Every Canon 80D camera come with product descriptions in detail. This way, you are supposed to check and ascertain that everything is intact as expected. Be sure to know about the repair that was done on the camera. Know who did the repair where applicable. Of essence is the availability of all that is supposed to be there.

Camera Age

Refurbished cameras are new cameras. Do not go for anything short of a new product. The Canon EOS 80D refurbished camera is not a brand new camera but it should not be an old camera. Beware of some unauthorized dealers who may shortchange you and sell you an old camera. Always remember that the refurbished camera had only one slight damage. Also, know which damage that was.


Price is a key determinant in making any purchase. Refurbished products are a little cheaper than a brand new product. It is therefore advisable to consider the prices. If they compare closely, you may go for a brand new.

Genuine Dealer

Be advised not to buy Canon 80D refurbished camera from an unauthorized dealer. Genuine dealers sell genuine refurbished products and can receive them back in case of anything.

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